VJ/Model/Host/Actress ANOUSHEY ASHRAF went on Mediterranean Cruise

Here our industry’s known VJ, Model, Host & Actress, Anoushey Ashraf went on Mediterranean Cruise. So to read the full interview of her happenings, here you go!

What was your recent trip you have been on?

I was on a cruise on the Mediterranean for over two weeks, exploring little coastal towns of 6 different countries!

Was it official or casual?

Casual all the way! That’s the only way one gets to unwind 🙂 

Was it much fun for you to pack up a suitcase and heading to explore?

Packing is a difficult task but the adventures that lie ahead always make it worthwhile. I keep debating on what to take and what to leave behind!

Did you have a difficult time finding the right type of food to eat when you were in that place?

I always try the local cuisine and quite enjoy the food from that part of the world, luckily. But as a traveler, one must learn to develop a taste for everything. One has to be open to different tastes, it takes a while to get used to, but once your palette is familiar with experimenting it’s actually a lot of fun!

What’s the worst thing you faced there?Language can be a barrier sometimes but I manage sign language pretty well now. Hahaha! But nothing was as bad to be categorized as ‘worst’. I loved it all…!

What kind of beauty did you find there while exploring?
I’m a beach baby! Have always been and the beaches of the coast of Italy were to die for. Loved every second of the time I spent in the water swimming endlessly 🙂 

What kind of languages did you speak there?

Have you ever dealt with a culture clash?

Not really. I love meeting people from all over the world and have always made friends wherever I go. That’s a quality I quite admire about myself 🙂

Did you purchase any kind of souvenirs when you travelled?

I always pick up one random thing for my room wherever I go, or else my pictures are the best souvenirs if you know what I mean.

After this trip, where would you like to go next that you have never been to before?

For someone who loves to travel, that’s a very difficult question to answer as most places in the world seem exciting and worth exploring at some point. However, at present I would love to visit Japan or South Africa as I’ve been reading up a lot about these countries of late.


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