These Christmas Themed Snacks Will Add Oomph To Your Party!

What could be more fun than a Christmas party? Use this handy list to find anything your guests might want to nibble on, from sweet treats to something more savory. The only trouble will be deciding which ones you want to make.

  1. Marshmallow Pops

These taste so good and are super easy to blend with your theme.

  1. Cute Little Oreo Penguin Cupcakes

These will create smiles all over your holiday party.

.       Santa Claus Mopolitan

Your Christmas cocktail party will never be the same!

  1. Snowman Donuts

Perfect for an office or school party.


  1. Baked Cheddar Star Crackers

You can’t have a party without these. Sort of like the star on top of the tree.

  1. Pretzel M&M Snacks

It’s hard to stop eating this little treats!

7.Christmas Tree Fruit Plate

Perfect for the health conscious party goers.


  1. Santa Cupcakes

This is so much easier than making a cake for Christmas.

  1. String Cheese Snowmen

These are super easy to make and kids really love eating them!

  1. Mason Jar Santa Cakes

Not only do these make single serve snacks, but you can also send them home as party favors


  1. Christmas Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes

Tasty and adorable? What more could ask for?


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