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The increase in awareness about health and fitness in today’s world has given birth to many job opportunities such as that of nutritionists and health (or gym) instructors. The latter position is now considered important as many people flock to gyms and health clubs to shape their bodies and need the services of a gym instructor to guide them. Gyms hire trained instructors who are knowledgeable about general health, fitness regimes and exercise machinery. So here Lahore Team took an exclusive interview of Rizwan Noor, Licensed Fitness Trainer, where he shared his professional qualification about this field, and gave selective tips of how to maintain ourselves in a proper manner!

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Tell us about your qualifications as a fitness trainer & gym instructor?

I have completed the advanced level guidelines course accredited from ACSM (American College Sports Medicine). Also studied Advance Trainings, Crossfit Trainings & Techniques Certified from Shapes.


 What are your favorite machines for cardiovascular exercises?

In my opinion, Treadmill as one of the recommended high impact machine for cardiovascular exercises however I strongly believe that you should “Make Your Body Your Machine”.


 If a person comes to you seeking a weight loss, how do you develop a plan for them?

Each fitness program is different for different clients and needs to be created specifically for the individual based on their fitness goals, lifestyle, and body type and goal durations. Along with exercises comes nutrition so I inform my clients of what kind of food and calories intake they should have and suggest supplements too. The amalgamation of all these make for an effective fitness program.


 Name a few essential exercises suitable for almost anyone including working people?

30 mins walk, running or swimming on daily basis is best for everyone. Squats, push-ups, sit-ups, plank hold & jumping jacks or skipping for burning calories are recommended for working people.


How do you determine a person’s workout potential to avoid pushing them to the limits?

There is a 30 min basic Body Screening Workout Test session in which I determine the workout potential of a person.  A proper workout according to the client’s body type is very important. A diet plan is based on dietary needs is the key to proper weightless without pushing the client out of his/her body workout abilities.

Suggest some basic diet intakes regarding nutrition?
Follow The Quote:
  • Breakfast like a king,
  • Lunch like a prince,
  • Dinner like a pauper…
Normally people follow this inverse so this is the biggest reason of obesity the basics:
  1. Aim to eat atleast 5 portions of fruits and vegetable each day.
  2. Drink plenty of water (8 to 10 glasses though this will vary).
  3. Try to include atleast 2 portions of fish every week.
  4. Get into a habit of eating breakfast everyday it can help reduce snacking later on.
  5. Get Active! Adults are advised to conduct 150 mins moderate exercise every week.
What works best in motivating an aerobics group?

Keeping It Fresh: Planning ahead for your exercise classes is another technique for keeping motivation levels high. Constantly teaching the same routine creates boredom for participants and drains the motivating energy from your class. Take the time to plan new moves for an entire month by creating a schedule.  I make sure to keep my clients guessing keeps them excited to attend your class and motivates them to work harder.

Music: The selection of music you use during your exercise class plays a vital role in member motivation. As people who listen to music during exercise are more aroused and get distracted from discomforts they may feel.  Selection of good energy songs that correspond to the exercises you use.

Positive Feedback: Periodically provide positive feedback for your clients after the workout. Mentioning the progress or visible weight loss motivates a person more than you may realize. Mention the hard work of one or two class members each week.


Are you more comfortable in group or personal training?

I am comfortable in both…


What would you do if a client is injured during a workout at thegym?

I have always followed the professional & authentic guidelines of workout that’s why none of clients have ever experienced any sort of injury during my workout session. If any of the client does get injured he or she will be given aid according to the level of injury.


How important do you think that gym instructors are now a days especially since there is so much information regarding health and fitness available on the internet?

We have so much educational stuff online but still we send our children to schools so they can actually learn and practice what’s there in books or on the internet because there is person (teacher) over there who is guiding an explaining everything. Same goals for the gym instructor is the only person who will guide you properly about health and fitness.


Most people know how to use gym machinery so why is there so much focus on training them?

According to the new fitness standards manual body workout is more effective rather than machines and as a trainer I also believe that utilizing your own body strength is more effective than relying on machines is a temporary thing and something which is only limited till gym people don’t have gym equipment’s at home with manual workout they can keep fit even outside the gym.


How do you ensure that a fitness program is effective?

Trainer is a person who keeps his client motivated. By elaborating the fantastic side of a fit healthy life and he motivates his client. I explain to my clients how physical activity boosts the immune system and mental sharpness and helps avoid obesity, diabetes, and cancer and heart problems. By providing them results of course it is insured that my fitness program works.


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