Pakistani Young Leader addresses UN 75 Virtual Event

Nigeria (Lahore Times) UN Volunteers celebrated 75th Anniversary of the United Nations and also the International Youth Day 2020. This event was joined by UN volunteers and prominent human rights activists, peace activists and change makers from Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Iraq, Egypt, Australia & Nigeria.

Video message of the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was shared in the start in which he admired the youth for doing positive efforts for the betterment of the World. Pakistani Young Leader & Activist Ahsan Kamray was selected to speak from Pakistan on his work for Humanity, Peace, Interfaith Harmony and Youth Activism.

While addressing to the UN 75th Anniversary Virtual Event, he emphasized to disarm the world in order to have a better world in 2045 when the United Nations will be celebrating its 100 years.
Being critic on the role of the United Nations, he said, “UN has somehow failed to solve big issues which are leading the World towards destruction.” UN is celebrating its 75th anniversary while Palestinians & Kashmiris are looking toward UN for help, he added.
“Kashmir is the heaviest military zone in the World and India has violated the UN resolutions. How can we dream of a better world in 2045 when the United Nations cannot implement on its own resolutions?”, he questioned.
Pakistan wants to solve the Kashmir issue according to the resolutions of the United Nations. Palestine and Kashmir issue must be resolved for world peace, he emphasized.
Talking about Sustainable Development Goals agenda 2030, he said that he cannot see any remarkable work done on it. “UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres showed his concern while launching the SDG6 global acceleration framework last month that by 2040, one in four of the World’s children under 18, some 600 million in all, will be living in areas of high water stress but the World is off track”, he quoted. How can we dream of a better world in 2045 when the situation is this much worse?, he questioned.
“Our 60% population consists of Youth. Government of Pakistan is taking radical steps to empower them by giving free education, free professional, technical & vocational trainings, promoting entrepreneurship by giving them interest free small loans & big soft loans. Prime Ministers’ Kamyab Jawan Program is the best. If our government continues to invest more on youth, then I can say the Youth of Pakistan will be better in 2045 than today”, Kamray said he stands with UN to make it powerful, independent, democratic and accountable, so that the issues of developing countries & under developed countries can also be solved.

Lahore Times

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