Is Degree is important for Success?

After reading the title of my article, you guys must be thinking of me that I’m crazy! But after reading my entire article, you will understand why I wrote the title that a degree is not essential to success. Today, if we ask a child what you want to become most children answer the question that I want to be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, fashion designer, etc.

When they are asked why? Most children answer that there are better jobs in the profession. This will give them more money and fame. In fact, this is why most parents force their children to get an education. Career selection seminars are held in schools, colleges and universities in which teachers guide students to choose a career that is most demanding. We have all seen that parents who “just” chase their children to a degree. After that, such parents are left alone. In this 21st century, it has become the story of every household. A great example is that children set up a special Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for their parents because they are so busy with their lives. Parents themselves are responsible for asking their children to get an education from childhood, so that they can get a higher degree and then a good job. But they do not want to make their children feel that way.

Degrees allow you to have a good job that can lead to a luxurious life but not necessarily a satisfying life, so how can you succeed when you are not satisfied with your life?There are many educated people around us who have good degrees, good jobs, all the luxuries but still, they are not satisfied with their lives, and they do not have time for others in their lives. They are far from their relationships. A successful life is one in which you are satisfied with your life. The real success comes when you help others. Can’t come

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a true example of success. He had no degree, his life was very easy, and he was a poor man. If we want more stars like Abdul Sattar Edhi to be proud of our country, then parents and teachers, who are the guardians of a child, guide their children from childhood. They can choose the best path for them and This can only be achieved by applying moral values, love for the country, learning the good things and following the most important practical education that will enable them to succeed in both worlds. It will also grow our country

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