CYBIL CHOWDHRY Fashion Model & Host

Whatever her style, we have got the most up-to-date lifestyle essentials of Cybil Chowdhry, to ensure that you will definitely catch the fabulous & amazing fashion with looking marvelous…!

  1. Fav sunglasses brand?


  1. Fav lipstick?

          All time desired MAC.

  1. Which shoes you’re wearing no a days?

          ADIDAS converse shoes.

  1. Fav drink?

          Green juice!

  1. Which brand you wear for Western clothing?

           White House Black Market.

  1. For sunny days, which hairstyle you prefer to make?


  1. The cell phone you’re using currently?

           iPhone 6.

  1. Which brand you wear for Eastern clothing?

           ASIM JOFA.

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