Answer to Dananeer on Her Statement!

"Dananeer", Answer to dananeer on her statment!

So, Dananeer recently opposed Imran Khan’s statement by mentioning the incident of Hazrat Yousuf (a.s.) and Zuleikha and told that Hazrat Yousuf didn’t fall for Zuleikha’s attempts of seduction. Very well penned, Dananeer and very accurate.

But i feel like highlighting some points and my points dont mean that i am trying to put the blame on the rape victim, a BIG NO!! The blame remains on the rapist and imo, the rapist should be hanged in any case but lets get back to the topic.

– first of all, anyone with the very basic education of Islam knows that a Nabi couldnt be compared with a common man, a Nabi is pure of sins, A common man is not! So, the comparison in the light of logic goes invalidated.

– another point is Ambiya had Muajza (miracle) with them. Allah helped them directly through an angel or any other way to escape from a situation. In Quran, Allah has mentioned this incident and He has also mentioned how he helped Yousuf run away from Zuleikha by showing him something in the wall and he kept running towards that wall or doors and the doors kept opening for Yousuf (a.s.). So, when you quote an incident from Quran or Hadith, quote it completely. It was a Muajza for Hazrat Yousuf (a.s.) from Allah. Again, Dananeers argument stays invalidated in case of a common man, due to Muajza.

– one more point is that Dananeer, why are you on Zuleikha’s side?! It seems that you are putting the modern day women on the side of Zuleikha and you want the men to be like Yousuf?! In the first, why do you want the women to be like Zuleikha. Like you are saying, I am not saying this, you are saying and agreeing that yes, modern day women are seducing men like Zuleikha did? And you want men to be like Yousuf (a.s.) in that case?! Really?! And some women are happy k Dananeer n kya baat kahi hai waahh?!

Do you realize that she is keeping all the modern day women as Zuleikha in her explanation?! Why do you have to be like her?! This is in way saying that yes women could seduce you but you all men have to behave! But thats not the right justification i guess!

This is what happens when people without ilm join the bandwagon and start lecturing about religion.

Please, Dananeer, you are an entertainer, a famous ‘pawri’ girl, please stay that way! We respect you that way. If you dont have the proper ilm about Islam, its better not to speak. Only the stupid talk without knowledge.

And its a request from all the people, do or say anything related to your own field, people will respect you for that. If you want to oppose a statement from the PM, oppose it in a way that is related to your expertise but please dont misrepresent Quranic incidents and mould them to your own likings. Please!

May Allah guide us all!

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