A successful operation against Narco-gangs and arm-sellers at Piyari Mines.

"successful operation", A successful operation against Narco-gangs and arm-sellers at Piyari Mines.

Khushab police have done a remarkable job against narco-gangs and arms seller t piyari mines.

The area is the land of salt and cold mining, which started in 1968-69. they hired the initial progress labor from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa because they were known for their hard work. However, in 1995-98 some reported that some people started to sell narcotics here. So in 2011, FIR was filed against them. And still, till 2021, 272 FIRs have been registered against them.

The area is full of mountains and dense forest with no proper road network, and there was no police presence.  Some operations, as per the report, were made, but they achieved no victory.

According to DPO Naveed, there were proper gangs there who worked as per suitable timings and flow.

In the past, in 2011 first operation was unfortunately unsuccessful, then the FIR was registered to Khushab Police. They made the second operation in 2016 that was fairly successful but not completely the same as for the 2017 operation.

This area was at the drive of 2 hours from Khushab Police, so the narco-gangs had every report of their movement.

DPO Naveed started an Intelligent operation that was planned for two months. ”There was complete guidance and backup support of commissioner and Khakan sir,” said DPO.

They blocked their 14 exit points and narcotics chains. Then, they started the arrest from suppliers. Finally, when there were no supplies, no buyers, narcotics gangs began to panic and initially went through a war themselves in which Khushab Police took immediate action.

Major gangs were four, and they arrested all of them, including ten gangsters—further arrest p[rocedure is in process.


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